Eva Design | The Apple of Desire


The Apple of desire.

According to Aristotle the attribute (or set of attributes) that makes a thing be what it fundamentally is. Combined in a single form, there are four collections that make Eve a unique and inimitable.

Art is the series that comes to life from the minds and hands of artists who interpret and reshape each apple, decorating it in  different ways.

TheDécor series draws inspiration from the current fashion trends, following the trends of furniture and fabrics, looking closely at decoration of original patterns, textures and designs that can be replicated in multiple pieces in various shapes and proposed colors.

TheMonocolor series depicts refinement encased in the essence of a monocolor in a matte or glossy finish. There are five colors offered for each new season, chosen according to the fashion trends of the moment.

Luxuryis the most elegant variation of a guarded desire, in a innovative moneybox made  using precious metals and coated with  gold, platinum, copper and bronze.

An object of design made to realize dreams

The apple is the biblical archetype of desire, and desire, is one of the fundamental principles of human action. This longing desire pushes us to act, to decide, to strive towards a goal, a dream, an object and the horizon.
From the intuition of William Zanotto, interior designer and art researcher, EVA takes form. EVA, is an innovative piece that is ever-changing and inimitable, a Moneybox
for those who want to decorate their home with a creative object as well as a "container" that will one day actualize a desire.
The idea is that an object of design should always be visible and present in our context of living, as it reminds us of the importance of consistency and what it takes to reach our goals. An object as such allows for our desire to become so precious that it needs to be protected and guarded.

"LA MELA DEL DESIDERIO" is a Made In Italy product made with the knowledge and ancient techniques of ceramic masters of Nove and Bassano del Grappa, combining color combinations, quality of materials and refinement of design.

Eva Art: Ideas in your head, art from the hands

Delivered in the hands of artists still as biscuit, the first phase of ceramic firing. Eva begins as a bare cloth, a painting to paint and interpret, a curved surface to reinvent. This is how every apple of the Art series acquires its own identity, by telling stories and dreams that are always different, transforming it into a unique and personalized signature piece, to  complement your furnishings and guard  all your intimate wishes.