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Angela Di Folco

Angela Di Folco

“Darkness is my favourite colour

 I am an artist. I’m in love with life, with all it has to give us and with creativity as a whole.

I spend most of my time improving my paint and drawing, constantly looking for the best way to express my feelings through an image. If you want to know me, the best way is through my works. Charles Baudelaire is a source of inspiration for me, but the greatest, multifaceted one comes from Nature: that’s where the most powerful referrals come from, through symbols deriving from forests and animals as a metaphor to create pictorial representations. In fact, using animals as symbols is quite usual on my works.

The use of colour is almost limited to black, a pigment that can fully represent the core of things. Black means absence of light and connects to void and mystery, but, at the same time, obscurity is where everything has started from.

So here are figures that can evoke my inner world, unexpressed and elusive, mixing light and dark, wielding black and white beats, regaining the spirituality of everything existing in real life but not directly visible for humanity.