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Bajo Fabio Baggio

Bajo Fabio Baggio

"You can't tell at first glance ... but he’s colour blind.”

Fabio Baggio, aka Bajo, was born in Bassano del Grappa (Italy) in 1965. His work’s essential components are a vigorous chromatism and an incisive mark. He now lives and works in Romano d’Ezzelino (Italy).

“To him, a face isn’t just a body’s part, it gains a narrative role as it reveals not only what we are but also what we want to be.

In his artistic journey Bajo does not avoid experimentation, indeed he focuses on all possible languages looking for a purer graphic form, further than matter, being closer to some kind of “graffiti art” where the mark’s strength express distinctiveness and energy of the creative act.

In his painting’s imagination isn’t ambiguous or undefined. There’s always a close link between communication needs and pictorial solutions, quest into the unknow, thanks to integration between nature’s reality and the man out of him that he can hone."  (Mario Guderzo)