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Mirko Marcolin

Mirko Marcolin

“Keep it simple stupid”

Born in 1989, since childhood he smelt the scent of clay at his grandpa’s house, where the ancient man amused himself moulding animals for his nephew’s fun.
His studies targeted on the artistic field at Industrial Art School “G. De Fabris” in Nove (Italy) first and at Venice University later, where he intensely fell in love with the city.
He then entered the world of work but something kept his soul: he’ll find the way out through pottery.Deeply influenced from the free interpretation attitude of Made In Nove Ceramic Union, from Sbittarte group and from La magia del racconto Exhibition - dedicated to Federico Bonaldi’s pottery - , since 2013 Mirko entered his personal path on the ceramic world, focusing on production:as hands perform, mind is dreaming.