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Paride Gorgi

Paride Gorgi

What does Paride want to say with his works? Nothing!

He celebrates Life through a big, stylistic auto-erotism ritual, absolutely not paranoid.

Where paint is not enough to embroider love acts, Gorgi spackles, scratch, blows the surface up animating it with Venus flytraps, fiery tadpole, marine dicks, dates, apple slices, bean sprouts, flirty portions of buttocks, bosoms, vulvas in a marvellous suspension fit for a Beato Angelico.

The painter aim is to make us complicit of a hyper-vital world, where the call of dare or the one of intercourse are unavoidably beautiful and never inconvenient as, he suggests, we don’t have to be afraid of the ugly and mean, if anything, of our heart & appetites silence.

In his painting there’s no regret or affliction for the forbidden fruit ate at the Garden of Eden as, being food a symbol or other, it has to be consumed, chewed, ingested and possibly accompanied by a good wine, offered at the great reception we are all invited to: “Life”.