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Raffaella Guarda

Raffaella Guarda

“What is not, it is. What is, it is not.”

I was born in Bassano del Grappa in 1981. I’m an interior designer and consider myself genuine, dreamer, curious, constantly questing and versatile. My greater passions are craftsmanship, furnishings and photography.

I graduated in Industrial design at Industrial Art School "G. De Fabris" in Nove (Italy), meeting different materials I learned to work such as ceramic and wood.

I learnt the business working for La Galleria del Tempo, a high-end furniture store where service is   as important as the product sold. This profession is more based on experience and practical aspects that on theory and consists of finding solutions, solving problems, suggesting new ideas. Even the aesthetic part is relevant, of course: advising on style, colours, materials and lighting is crucial, both to obtain one’s own personality in their house atmosphere and to create comfortable and functional spaces.

Manufacturing and handicraft worlds always got me excited: that’s the reason of my collaboration with “Eva”. This brand commits me - through the expression of my creativity and the pleasure of experimentation - to search for decorations and textures that can match with different environments, furnishing and enhancing the spaces around us.