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Reinaldo Ramos Filho

Reinaldo Ramos Filho


I shall not wholly die, I will not altogether die.

My works will lengthen my life. (Horace)


Glass designer and master glassmaker, I was born in Brazil and live now in Italy.

I grow up in the most innovative artistic glassware of Brazil, in which I had the opportunity to learn the techniques my father has been developing since 1978.

In mid-1984 we broke a centuries-lasting concept bringing about two absolutely unique changes in the coloured-glass world history.

Firstly, the creation of works through constructing techniques designed to exceed glass-windows spaces inaccessible so far, using steel and special alloys welding, to make some of the world most resistant windows.

Secondly, the creation of relief, to give works a realistic atmosphere.

The final result is a quality & safety mix, matched with the beauty and the personality of unparalleled works.

"I’m a young dreamer, art enthusiast and big fan of Casa Ramos Vitrais works. I hope I’ll be able to bring to the world the techniques of my father and I and I’m happy to collaborate with Eva".