SbittArte | Eva Design



" A good artistical energy happily floats on our territory... that’s Sbittarte.”

For nearly 15 years this team has been meeting weekly, every Friday night,
to paint on ceramic.

Their philosophy is un-competition, lack of judgement, with the aim of being aimless.
“Sbittarte” as the Italian slang sbittare, to free from chains, to excrete, to ejaculate, to pollinate: free and liberating expression. It’s to urgently show their need of creating objects, paintings, thoughts. The main vehicle of this artistic flux is ceramic painting,
practised together, sometimes even on the same work. Even and mostly from no-Pro.

"SBITTARTE" promotes ancient techniques inherited from the territory’s popular and artisan knowledge. Earth, Fire, Painting have therefore been well-founded as languages and tools to describe the Contemporary, so as at Prehistoric times.