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The project

Eva, the apple of desire

Desire is the engine that drives the human being to act, to dare and to be contented by living simply. That which we desire must be guarded until its realization and deserves to be protected until it can be transformed into our noble private luxury. William Zanotto gives a unique name, shape and vision to the box of our dreams: Eve, the apple of desire.

Simultaneously a Moneybox and complementary furnishing

The idea that embodies Eve is an element of furniture, of sculpture but at the same time, of design and functionality. This artist’s Apple, functional as a coin box, is made using the ancient pottery techniques of Nove and Bassano. It is an intrinsic product encompassing all the values ​​of Made In Italy such as the sophistication of ceramics, artisan skill, taste of shapes and color choice.

Finished by hand

All products are handmade by ceramic craftsmen, each product is therefore unique and comes in four different types of decoration: the single-color collection characterized by the matte or glossy monochrome elegance. The luxury collection is made up of metallic finishings in gold, bronze, platinum and copper. Décor is comprised of rhythmic motifs and it’s texture is created by intricate traits and colors. The art collection is exceptional, made up of  unique and individual pieces that are signed by different artists. Eva is presented to artists as a white canvas on which they can express their art through colors and designs and various forms.